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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Tear a poem by MWA's Aishah Schwartz from The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit

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She has a voice of her own...
She has a place of equality within the fellowship of the believers...
She is ready to tell her story in her own words...
The legacy of the women of the Abrahamic Prophetic tradition lives on.

The Muslimah Speaks: Her Voice, Her Spirit Volume I is an anthology collection featuring original poetry by Muslim women writers,  accentuated by excerpts of hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and scriptures of the Holy Quran and Holy Bible.

More often than not, it is instilled in women from a very young age, through the interactions that they have with others and media images that they are bombarded with daily, that their voices are not as important as men's. It is our intention to highlight the voices of Muslim women while showcasing the connection between them and the faithful women of the Abrahamic scriptures and among the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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Poets In Alphabetical Order
Asra Ahmed, Nimrah Fatima Ahmed, Nouran Amin-MWA, Jannah Bayyan, Sariya Cheruvalill Contractor-MWA, Nafisa Cooper-MWA, Wasi Daniju, Sameerah El-Siraaj-MWA, Shumaysa Faruqi, Shabana Diouri-MWA, Muslimah Poetess-MWA, Janette Grant-MWA, Fatimah Ashaela Moore Ibrahim-MWA, Elizabeth Lymer-MWA, Asma Nadia-MWA, Niha Samiya Naqeeb, Sa'diyya Nesar-MWA, Delina Partadiredja, Bint Productive-MWA, Mahnoor Samana, Aishah Schwartz-MWA, Sanjida Shaheed, Donna Frances Stacey, Fahmida Sultana-MWA, Hira Uddin and Hafsah Zamir.

Edited by MWA members Janette Grant and Elizabeth Lymer.

The Muslimah Speaks amplifies the voice of Muslim women - The National (1 Jul 14)

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