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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prose or Poetry? A poem by MWA's Sa'diyya Nesar

A descendant of Pakistan, Sa’diyya Nesar is a writer born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied in an international English medium school receiving her BA in English studies at Hong Kong University. Sa'diyya intends to pursue postgraduate studies in creative writing. She is currently writing an autobiographical novel titled the ‘The Fortunate One,’ which depicts her life with physical disabilities after being diagnosed with non-specific myopathy and subsequently undergoing a life threatening spinal operation. Sa'diyya also writes short stories of encouragement, decoding lessons from history that could be applied in today’s life. She occasionally writes prose and poetry on her blog addressing issues in society while attempting encourage others to never give up. Her writing will also soon be available in SISTERS magazine and Hijab Day.
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