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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MWA member Rasha El Khateeb asks, "Home ... where is home?"

I have always asked myself this question as I was living abroad away from my homeland. Is home where I was born and raised up? or is it where I am living at the time being? Is it the place where you have your beloved ones, relatives and friends? or is it the feeling of missing a certain place, or is it where you feel safe. Where is home exactly...what is it and what kind of feeling is this? I think to answer this very difficult question, one has to look at one's heart and feel what is home.

I think the definition of home is different for every person. Home for some people is a mother's hug, discussing and arguing with little siblings :-), eating the food of you country. Is home where one was raised up or is it the place where one used to play with other children. Is it the place where one carries memories for? (Read More)

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