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Sunday, December 21, 2014

MWA's Khudaija Nagaria writes a poem dedicated to families of the Peshawar massacre, Protest of the Heart

(AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)
Protest of the Heart

Hearts are immensely heavy with burden,
Non-stop tears have made eyes wet,
This extremely barbaric act of butchery,
Has made “life” itself a living threat!
Fathers’ hopes have all been shattered,
Mothers have lost their beautiful dreams,
Innocent kids have been heartlessly murdered
In excruciating pain, humanity screams!

Generations worth of dedicated hard work
Has been wasted, has gone in utter vain!
It is impossible for us to comprehend,
The torturous agony and  shocking pain!

The magnitude of this unbearable loss!
Is beyond one’s understanding and fathom,
Innocent lives have been taken away
For selfish motives and interests of some!

Ruthless terrorists take wisdom and pride
In their continuous actions of baseless hate!
Playing with lives and killing mercilessly,
They are insane, they cannot think straight!

“Fair Vengeance”, they like to call it!
They justify their egos and actions,
They find solace, victory and happiness,
In helpless people’s heartbreaking reactions!

They have destroyed families upon families,
They are worse than animals in human disguise!
They deserve the entire world’s hatred,
They will have to pay an exorbitant price!

Allah (swt) is watching all the time, everything,
He will soon bring to them disgrace, and shame!
They will be punished eternally for sure,
Justice is the name of the ultimate game!

Heart-wrenching curses of these aching parents
Will eventually and positively drag them to Hell,
These enemies of humanity and Islam,
By the will of Allah (swt), will there forever dwell!

Oh crying mothers and fathers of Pakistan,
We stand by you at this difficult time,
Allah is hearing the protests of your hearts,
These animals will pay for this heinous crime!


Copyright @Khudaija Nagaria
Originally published at Hiba Magazine

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