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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Inside the Mind of a Prankster by MWA's Maria Zain

MWA Mourns Passing of Member Maria Zain

Sometime in the middle of last year, I found my second born standing on a chair looking at his dad's calendar, in complete shock that it was in the middle of June. I asked him what all the commotion was about (as he was very loud), and he said he had been waiting the ENTIRE YEAR to prank us on April Fool's Day. I just stared into some place in the white clouds and continued walking along.
Oh well, I thought. It's a good thing he missed it.

This April, I found him trying to dismantle his dad's mouse with a pipe cleaner. That was only after I heard him clamoring to the husband's home-office – tripping over himself in the process – obviously he had chosen the right day to check the calendar.

After a short, unearthing discussion, I told him he didn't need to single a day out of the year to get into THAT much trouble. But nonetheless, he followed me to the breakfast table reeling out his prank ideas that he had formulated over the past months, most of which I couldn't understand, probably because I hadn't had my coffee yet.

Though I'm sure they were unnecessarily hilarious, it wasn't going to pay to throw the book at him or to start Googling fatwas (hey, I *have* a smart phone!) to nix the April Fool's idea, so I let him jabber on while I sipped my brew of much-needed energy. I know; I should eat dates as well. They help boost patience levels. Alhamdulillah I'm quite patient while I'm still groggy. Only after the coffee kicked in did I realize how loud he was. Again.

But before breakfast was even over, the kid was running off ready with plans to design a Darth Vader suit for himself. I think there's a dark streak to this one. He even forgot to put his plate in the sink. I should tell him a good prank would be to actually remember to do it or wash it himself. That would have us rolling in the aisles.

Nonetheless, he had gotten *that* idea out of his system, hopefully nixed forever. Sigh. The children with funny bones are obviously the funniest. And the ones who are the most obvious are obviously the most obvious. He may have some loose screws, this one. But when he puts his mind to it, he trumps everyone else on tajweed and has a fascination with tafseer. Actually, all kids do.

Perhaps that's why they make us so happy. Even the fact that Surah Adiyat has only five ayat is a complete mystery as compared to the other surahs named after animals. Yes, he has started counting them with a full blown analysis. There are no boundaries in the curious and absorbent mind, but that is where – we remind each other – that, Al-hamdulillah, we have those special guidelines to remain on the sirat-al-mustaqim. He knows that too. He says it's the straight path, and that's where he wants to stay. So we're hoping he gets used to the idea that he can prank us all year round (and get into trouble).


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Originally from Malaysia, Maria Zain was a freelance writer based in Nottingham, United Kindgom, where she resided with her husband, Muhammad Nizam Zainuddin.

Maria was also a certified Childbirth Educator (AMANI Birth Institute), and a home-educating Muslim mother of five children, ages 9 and under - her sixth child, a son, birthed as she returned to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, on 28 December 2014.

Maria often found herself writing about natural birth and parenting, and had a passion for homeschooling and autonomous learning. "Unfortunately, there aren't any images of strong and powerful women bringing their babies earth side in a calm and peaceful manner, surrounded by people who love and support her unconditionally."

She also loved trees and flowers, and once expressed that she felt that, "We live in a world that often forgets about the humble soil that we originated from," and it was through her beading hobby that she strove to reignite our passion for the earth. She believed in the power that lay within nature itself.

Five years worth of Maria's articles (2010-14) can be found at She has also been published in Saudi Life (KSA), DinarStandard (USA), SISTERS Magazine (UK), Discovery Magazine (UK), and in several publications throughout her home country.

This is her last published article. Maria Zain returned to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala giving birth to her sixth child in Nottingham, UK on 28 December 2014. Her newborn son, Muhammad Eesa, was born healthy and is in the care of his family together with his five siblings, four brothers and a sister. Learn more here and join the fund-raising campaigns, insha'Allah.

The staff of has created a special folder of Maria's writings here.

Learn how you can contribute financially in support of Maria's bereaved husband and family. CLICK HERE

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